Use exported model in Keras

To export the model for Keras in Fabrik

  • Click on the export button in the Actions section of the sidebar.
  • Select Keras option from the dropdown list.
    • A JSON file will be downloaded to your computer. It may take a while though.
  • Rename the file to kerasModel.json.

Load the exported model in python and show it’s summary.

  • Open a terminal and cd into the directory where the kerasModel.json is saved.
  • Do touch
  • Open the in any text editor.
  • Type the following code into the editor.
#import keras' json model loader.
from keras.models import model_from_json

#Open the json file.
model = open('kerasModel.json', 'r')

#Read and close the json file.
loadedModel =

#Load model from json file content.
loadedModel = model_from_json(loadedModel)

#Print the summary 
print (loadedModel.summary())
  • Save the file at the same location where the kerasModel.json is saved and close the text editor.
  • Switch to the terminal we were using earlier.
  • Type python
  • Congrats! You should see a summary of the exported model.
  • You can further use the model for training/testing purpose. Read about it more here.